The Forgotten American Workforce

Opportunity, Justice, Technology

As businesses look to strengthen their workforce and the local economies, existing talent and recruitment processes need to be accessible for all job-seekers, including those with criminal records。

77 Million Stories of Lost Opportunity

In our Uber-competitive economy, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain qualified talent. Unfortunately, the tens of millions of Americans with conviction records are an untapped pool of talent, in large part because of misconceptions about background checks and the conflation of a conviction record with character. Rézme's "Restorative Record" was designed as a technological innovation to help address the discriminatory hiring practices exacerbating the American workforce shortage crisis。

The Restorative Record

At its core, The Restorative Record collects and organizes accurate contextualized applicant data in the form of a digitally interactive candidate profile。

Humanizing & Justice-Oriented

Contextualization is facilitated by conveying the complexity of these individuals and their stories, along with those of their families, via text, video, and audio-based modalities。

Digital Career Capital

Job-seekers are able to build their digital career capital by requesting personalized video and audio recommendations from trusted and verified sources in their social and professional network。

Education, Upskilling, Community

More than just another job-matching platform!

Micro-credentials and training pathways

Micro-credentials and trainings from verified and trusted service providers。

Community Partners & Wraparound Services

Collaborate with a network of community partners to support the socio-emotional well-being of each candidate。

When Good On Paper Isn't Good Enough

Video & Audio based Recommendations

Maximize the strength and authenticity of your network with more engaging and dynamic recommendations and personal referrals。

No more resumes, CVs, or cover letters

Use your Restorative Record to avoid algorithmic bias, keywords, fancy CVs, custom resumes, formatting, and every other artificially created barrier to employment。

Instant access to jobs and opportunities

Find employment opportunities from second chance employers actively looking to hire you despite your justice involvement。

Equity Focused

Dynamic & Holistic Portrayals

Job seekers are able to upload relevant certificates, job training, awards, participation in rehabilitation programming, and other experiences to demonstrate socio-emotional, cognitive, and behavioral traits。

Applicants can add video, voice, and photographic content to their digital profile

Embedded video and audio referrals

Personalization via evidence based restorative justice principles

Second-chance Employer Network

For applicants who have been discouraged by the traditional hiring process and algorithmic biases in Applicant Tracking Systems, our second chance employer portal provides access to local jobs from employers who have already implemented inclusive fair chance hiring practices, second-chance programs, and workforce strategies。

Profiles submitted directly to the talent or hiring managers of our second chance employer partners
100s of employers, business coalitions, and community partners dedicated to providing opportunity
Communication and pre-onboarding facilitated within the platform to ensure a positive and supportive pathway to employment

Corporate Responsibility

Empower DE&I initiatives and second chance commitments
Create an inclusive and expansive workforce from the community
Optimize recruiting and retention efforts while remaining in compliance with existing legislation

Inclusive Beta Program

Join the Movement to Rebuild the American Workforce & Economy