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Rézme assists in presenting applicants in the most comprehensive light for background checks pertaining to higher education enrollment, employment, housing applications, and character fitness evaluations, ensuring a comprehensive and positive portrayal of their journey and achievements.
Employers conduct background checks
77 M
Americans have a
criminal record
Landlords conduct background checks
ln lost GDP due to exclusion of people with criminal records from the workforce
Rezme understands the complex challenges faced by individuals with justice involvement and economic disenfranchisement

Comprehensive support across diverse groups

Career Service & Workforce Development Agencies
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Rehabilitation & Correction Facilities
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Justice Impacted, Returning Veterans, & At-promise Youth

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Rézme streamlines the management of your digital identity, providing a secure and organized platform for storing and showcasing essential documents, certificates, awards, letters of recommendation, and records of achievement to enhance your professional narrative!
Rézme’s multimedia profiles deliver a holistic representation of individuals to employers, educational institutions, background checks processes, enriching your narrative through diverse and dynamic content.

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Overcome background related barriers and bridge your talents to meaningful employment, where your unique journey is valued.
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Housing / Reintegration

Transition into housing and community life by emphasizing your personal growth and achievements.
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Rézme redefines the concept of digital life management, offering an all - encompassing platform that caters to various aspect of personal and professional development. Designed to empower individuals, particularly those facing unique life challenges, Rézme integrates key elements of career progression, skill enhancement, and personal growth into a single, user-friendly platform.